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Batina's Best First Day hardcover

BOOK ONE: The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day:

In the magical land of Brushelot it is Batina’s first day collecting teeth. She is determined that her humongous wings will not interfere with her mission.  She collects her first tooth and places it securely in her pouch before returning to Brushelot.  Unfortunately, as she approaches home she is caught in a terrible draft which causes her to tumble. The tooth is lost.  Batina must call on her best friends, Lainey the brainiac and little Lulu to work together to help save the day.


“A book about friendship, overcoming fears, persistence, and teamwork.  As a bonus, it encourages children to brush their teeth … but don’t tell them!”

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BOOK TWO – The Tooth Collector Fairies: Home from Decay Valley

Jolene’s first day as a Tooth Collector Fairy was amazing, but her friend Batina, collected a poorly brushed tooth and has been banished to the horrible Decay Valley.  Will Jolene and her fairy friends, Lainey and the twins know what they must do to save Batina from this dreadful place and bring her home?

“A book about redemption, sacrifice, and teamwork.”

Cover for Coloring Book

The Tooth Collector Fairies Coloring Book

The Tooth Collector Fairies Coloring Book is a companion to the Tooth Collector Fairies Series. It offers coloring pages of images from Batina’s Best First Day as well as other tooth related images.

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Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Sarah Westmoreland wrote a review 9/9/2016 for Batina’s Best First Day:

The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day by Denise Ditto is a skillfully written and beautifully illustrated children’s story that teaches several important lessons: always do your best, accept other people’s differences, never give up, and (of course) brush your teeth! After all, the fairies can’t fly if they don’t have magical fairy dust, and they can only make it from the shiniest, best brushed teeth. It’s a fun adventure that any young reader would enjoy as they join the Tooth Collector Fairies on their journeys to find the cleanest teeth to turn into fairy dust!

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Jack Magnum wrote a review 9/9/2016 for Batina’s Best First Day:

Denise Ditto’s story book for children, grades k-3, The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day, is a witty and entertaining tale about what really happens when you put those teeth under your pillow. Gabhor Utomo’s illustrations are magical and sweet, and they work perfectly with the story. Ditto’s tale also touches on how it’s okay for people to look different, as best friends, Lainey, Lulu and Batina prove, and it shows how people working together can achieve seemingly impossible things, which is a very good message indeed. Batina’s Best First Day educates while it entertains, and it may even get kids into brushing their teeth properly to make sure they can be used for fairy dust. The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day is highly recommended.

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Mamta Madhavan wrote a review 9/9/2016 for Batina’s Best First Day:

The story is adorable and whimsical, and kids will love those fairies. The illustrations are enchanting and give good pace and movement to the story, breathing life into the characters. All the characters are magical and delightful and will fascinate readers with their actions. It’s an excellent bedtime storybook and parents and grandparents can read it out to their kids and grandkids. It can also be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The message of not giving up, in spite of all the obstacles we face, is encouraging to young readers and Batina’s effort is the best way to help them understand that.

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Donna Gielow McFarland wrote a review 4-25-2018 for Home from Decay Valley:

So it turns out that there’s not just one tooth fairy, there are lots of them! Everything is explained in The Tooth Collector Fairies: Home from Decay Valley by Denise Ditto Satterfield. The fairies attend school at Oral Academy under Crown Mistress Molar in Brushelot, where they study the Tooth Collector Handbook and learn the Five Fairy Principles. What do the fairies do with the teeth? Clean teeth are ground into fairy dust, which is used for flying. But when Tooth Collector Batina collects a poorly brushed tooth, she has to deliver it to the dreaded Decay Valley and remain banished there until the child who didn’t brush his teeth loses another tooth. Once she’s done all she can, she can only hope the next tooth will be better brushed, otherwise the fairy that retrieves it will be banished along with Batina. It is up to Batina’s friends to assist her, and one of her friends needs to learn not to cheat!

The Tooth Collector Fairies: Home from Decay Valley is an early chapter book, written for kids in grades K-3 who are ready for more than early readers, but not quite ready for chapter books. With short chapters, lots of color illustrations, an age-appealing topic and an appropriate reading level, I think Denise Ditto Satterfield has nailed it. The story is pretty cute and it drew me right in. I felt so sorry for little Batina and is it really fair that she got banished? It’s not her fault the kid didn’t brush! I had to keep reading to find out what happened to her. The book makes a point about tooth brushing without being preachy, but the application is clear: brush your teeth well, or your tooth fairy might get banished! If I were a young reader, I’m not sure I would want to risk not brushing. What if it’s true?

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